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Although the Admin side of Check-Ins can be used as set-it-and-forget-it, it's very powerful. During an event, an Editor can make changes to check-ins, like their type, removing duplicates, and adding other check-ins, to ensure the data is clean.

As an Editor, you have access to the Overview and Check-Ins tabs of the event. This tab reflects the actual check-ins of the event.


The Overview page shows you how many people are checked in, and it breaks it down by location and even type.

The Check-Ins page shows you the total number of check-ins and allows you to filter and sort to find those checked in.

If the main numbers don't match, it could be because a person was checked in multiple times.

Table 2. Comparison: Admin Side vs. Station

Admin Side


Overview page shows the number of volunteers, people checked into locations, etc.

Roster Station shows classroom leader who and how many people are checked into a location

Can check in people when event is over

Can print labels

Does not show households

Cannot change a person's location once checked in

Add Check-Ins

The best way to add check-ins is from a station. However, if you are on the Admin side, you can still add check-ins.

Filter and Sort

In order to keep your session information accurate, you may need to sort the list to remove duplicates or move people from one location to another.

Filter By Location or Time

From the dropdown, choose a location to verify those listed in that location are correct.


Filter By Type

Uncheck the boxes, so your list will show only the types you need to see.



If a self station shows an alert about not enough volunteers, your volunteers might be checked in as the wrong type. From the Check-Ins tab, filter the page to the location and find those who checked in with the wrong type.

  • If the volunteer is checked in as a Regular, you can update their check-in to Volunteer.

  • If the volunteer is checked in to a different location, you can update their check-in to the correct location.

Sort Check-Ins

If you want to remove duplicates, change the sorting view to first or last name.


You'll quickly see those who have been checked in twice.

Update Individual Check-In

If someone is checked in to the wrong location or type, you can update their information without having to check them in again. In addition, if you want to delete a check-in because it's the wrong person or a duplicate, you can do that from the individual check-in.

Click the name of the person you'd like to update.


Wrong Location or Type

From the individual's page, update the location or type.



If you need to reprint a label, you have to do that from a station once you've made changes to their location or type.

Delete Check-In

Scroll to the bottom of the page and delete the check-in.



A deleted check-in cannot be restored. If you need to add this person's attendance back into the session, you'll need to check them in again.

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