New: Show Medical Notes and Security Codes on Roster Stations

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The new Here tab on Roster stations is the best way for teachers to manage their classrooms. Now it’s even more helpful with two new additions; medical notes and an option to show security codes

Medical Notes

It's vital that you know the allergies of your students. It should always be on their name tag, but now it's even easier to glance at everybody on one page, by seeing the medical note icon displayed on the right of each applicable person


Over time you'll probably know the allergies of all the children in your classroom, so we don't want to take up all that space every week. However, if you don’t know a child’s allergies, or would like a reminder, tap the icon to see the specifics below their name, like in the case of Stevey above.

Security Codes

Another highly requested feature is to be able to see all the security codes all on one page. That's now possible with a new station setting to show security codes. 


By default this setting is off, as we don't want security codes to be exposed to everyone. If you decide you'd like it, check the box to show security codes and you'll see them on the Here tab of a Roster station.



Both of these powerful features are only available in the new design, so make sure you opt in your whole organization from the admin side of Check-Ins!

Stay safe, and happy Checking In!
Team Check-Ins

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