New: Confirm Your Check-Ins on a Roster

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We've built a brand new feature for the Here tab on Roster stations that helps your teachers confirm that someone has arrived to their classroom. 

The somewhat common scenario is when your families might check-in and get their labels in a lobby, and then release the children to walk themselves to the classrooms. A lot can happen between the time that labels are printed and when they actually arrive; from a scared child who doesn't want to be separated from their parents, to a child who decides to go to a different location than they checked in to. 

With a Roster Station, that teacher now has a way to track this scenario in real time. At the top of the Here tab you'll see a new section of all the people in order of when they checked-in. 


Emergency Texting

Let's say it's been a while and they haven't yet been confirmed. You can use the new emergency texting option specifically for that scenario, and it'll send a text message to any adult in that household of your choosing.


If that person won't show up, tap on their name to delete their check-in completely.

This new feature is only available in the new design, so make sure you've opted your whole org into it.

Happy Checking In!
Team Check-Ins

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