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Occasionally, you might see an alert pop up on your Check-Ins station indicating that the station is experiencing some kind of issue or error. These alerts can be stressful, especially if you don't know what they mean, but we promise they aren't as scary as they look! Here are some common station alerts and some tips on resolving them.



Location doesn't have enough volunteers

Check in the minimum number of required volunteers set in your Location settings before checking in any attendees. If you don't need as many volunteers as you thought, decrease or remove the minimum requirement.

If you have volunteers checked in, they might be checked into the wrong location or have the wrong check-in type. You can update their check-in on the Admin side.

No locations available (Regulars and Guests)

  • See if the person checking in fits the filters for any of the locations available when they are checking in. You may need to update their grade or birthdate.

  • Make sure they are checking into the correct time and not a time that has their location excluded.

  • Verify that the location is ‘open’ in the Event’s Labels & Locations page.

No locations available (Volunteers)

  • The volunteer may be trying to check in to a different time or location than their last check-in, and they are not scheduled in Services. Have them go to a manned station to check in.

  • If the volunteer is scheduled in Services, they may not be scheduled for a matching time or location. The Check-Ins location name must match the Services Team or Position name exactly. They can go to a manned station for immediate check-in. Make sure the Check-Ins and Services integration is configured correctly.

Volunteers require a Background check

The person checking in does not have a background check on their profile as required by the location. If you don't want background checks required for volunteers in this location, you can disable the "Background check required" setting in the event settings or location settings.

Someone is not authorized for pickup

The person picking up the child is listed as a "Not Authorized For Pickup" person on the child's profile. If this is incorrect, you can edit the trusted people for that child.

This station is set to print to [station_name] which is not online. Please open [station_name] station now.

The Check-Ins station this person is checking in at is set to print to another station, which requires the other station to have the Check-Ins app open. Either open that other station or change the printing destination in the station settings.

This station is locked to [Event], which is not currently live

The event is not live.

  • Go to the Check-Ins Admin page and update the times to make the event live.

  • Go into the station settings and change the Station to Manned, so you can check into the event even though it's not live.

[Yellow caution symbol at bottom right corner]

The event has labels, but no printer is found.

  • On Mac/Windows stations, go to the Printer Check page and follow the steps to connect to your printer.


    Type Cmd/Ctrl+2 to open the Printer Check page.

  • On iOS/Android stations, tap the gear icon at the bottom of the screen and then tap the Printer Settings button to select the printer manually.

Grade is missing

The grade field is empty and set as an emphasized field.

You can manage emphasized fields on the household form editor.

A manned station will not show the Grade is missing alert if the child is 0-2 years old. However, the grade field will be emphasized on the household edit screen.

Once the Station alert no longer appears, you can check people into your event!

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