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Sunday mornings at your Check-Ins stations are the busiest place on earth! Or it might feel like that when you have a line of guests wanting to check-in. In an effort to make everything fast, flexible, and secure, we've updated our Station Household Editing page with a new design, and some awesome features. 

New Design

Opt into the new design to see the new Household Editing Form when adding or editing people at the Station. Tap on the avatars at the top to cycle through your household.


We know you'd like to collect different information based on whether or not the person is an adult or a child, so we've made the toggle to switch between those a little bit more prominent at the top right. Tap that, and it'll start suggesting different information to collect. 

If you add a home phone number or home address to the first person in your household, that will save over to everyone in the household so you don't have to type again. Also, as you add new people, we'll automatically add the last name field for you, as that's typically the same. 

Customize what you want to show

We know every church is different. Some care about email addresses, some care about phone numbers, and some don't care about either. That's why you now have the ability to recommend the most important pieces of information per adult or child. From the settings icon on the admin side select "Household Form Editor" and you'll have the ability to make this form look how you'd like. 


The idea of creating households is for you to collect as little information as possible, so that checking them in can be as fast as possible. This is why we only require first and last names. 

Moving a field below the additional info line will hide the field when you first go to edit a person. You can still view and edit these fields on the station side by selecting "Show more".

Emphasize fields

But what about the additional information you truly feel you need? That's where emphasized fields come into play. Emphasized fields will show an alert on Manned Stations, letting the volunteer know there is missing information you'd like to collect.


We won't ever keep you from checking in, but it will highlight these missing fields in yellow every time you check in. You'll see the alert both on the check-in form, as well as the new household editing form. 


On top of all of these feature improvements, we've rebuilt this page to be super fast and significantly more secure. And with this added flexibility, we believe this is the best way to collect information on Sunday mornings... tailored to your church.

Happy checking in,
Team Check-Ins

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