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When someone checks in, you want specific information from them, based on whether they're an adult or child. You can manage the information your stations request to get consistent information on the new people you check in!

Go to the Household Form Editor on the Stations page.


Drag and drop sections that are the most important to know about an adult and child.

  1. Update the form differently for adult and child profiles.

  2. Drag fields up and down to re-order how they appear.

  3. Emphasize certain fields in the form. When a field is emphasized, a volunteer at a manned station will see an alert about missing information. It won't prevent them from checking in the person, but it will remind them of the field.


    A manned station will not show the Grade is missing alert if the child is 0-2 years old. However, the grade field will be emphasized on the household edit screen.

  4. Fields above the Additional Info line will show immediately, and fields below this line will only show if you expand the form.

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